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The first issue was the degeneration of the American family as they failed to achieve economic prosperity, true to the promise of the American dream. After she responds to his pick-up line by claiming that she is, in fact, a cover girl, Happy tells her that he is a successful champagne salesman and that Biff is a famous football player.

A desperate Biff backs down and begins to lie to assuage his frantic father. While Willy's failure to achieve the American dream is considered a tragedy in the play, so is the death that resulted from his depression and inability to bear his failures in life.

Briefly summarize the plot of the novel you read, and explain how the narrative fulfills the author's purpose based on your well-informed interpretation of same.

Miss Forsythe returns with her friend, Letta. Charley enters and they begin to play cards. He hurries out of the restaurant in a vortex of guilt and anguish. When Ben says that "the jungle is dark but full of diamonds," Willy seems to believe that his brother is advocating his decision to commit suicide for the life insurance money.

This conclusion of the tragedy fits the rest of the play well. When Biff fails to produce the expected glowing report, Happy, who has not had the same revelation as Biff, chimes in with false information about the interview.

Eventually it is discovered that Willy Had an affair and his son walk in on him, This Is why his son has little respect for him.

Biff has also experienced a moment of truth, but he regards his epiphany as a liberating experience from a lifetime of stifling and distorting lies.


Conflicts in the play Man vs. Willy tells the boys that Howard fired him. Willy drives Biff to produce a falsely positive report of his interview with Oliver, and Happy is all too willing to comply.

Willy Abandons dreams and goals and each time leave him in more despair. Analysis Scene 8 is significant because it is begins to build the tension that erupts in Scene 9, ultimately leading to the final confrontation between Willy and Biff in Scene Everyone in the house hold eventually goes to bed except Willy who renews his conversation with Ben.

Furthermore, Biff says that he's leaving and probably never coming home again. She stares at the grave. Succinctly describe the theme of the novel. He also has this type of conflict in Manhattan with his boss when he argued for his job futilely. Furthermore, his reliance on relationships and friendships as his way of receiving favors and obtaining success was only short-lived.

At the funeral, Happy is unchanged, his old self. The last scene before the climax in Act Two shows how Willy's two sons neglect him by leaving him in a restaurant in favor of two girls whom Happy was flirting with. It shows Willy's attitude towards life, and his "illusion" of economic achievement through the "American dream.

As his fear of abandonment grows stronger, so does the grasp of control that he tries to maintain over the lives of his family. He constantly interrupts Biff while he is talking for two reasons: Only once Biff claims that he might be receiving money from Oliver and his partner does Willy return to reality.

He had hidden away a pipe which he could affix to his water heater to asphyxiate on carbon monoxide, on that night when he lost his job he tried kill himself but after having the pipe to his mouth he came to his senses and resolved to go outside and jump into traffic.

The small vegetables it does manage to produce are symbolic of the food he can barely put on the table.Death of a Salesman study guide contains a biography of Arthur Miller, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. About Death of a Salesman Death of a Salesman Summary.

Discussion Questions for Act II of Death of a Salesman. To what event does Willy flash back while in the restaurant: what does he remember about Biff’s past that was a domino leading to Biff’s present state? what do Biff and Happy do to try to rescue Willy and perhaps also to stop him from making a scene in public?

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Published: Mon, 5 Dec The Death of a Salesman is one of the most critically acclaimed plays of the last century. Its characters embody some of the most interesting idiosyncrasies to ever be depicted in a play in a very long time.

Death of a Salesman

Biff death of a salesman essay In Arthur Miller’s play “Death of a Salesman,” Willy Loman is an individual who strives to achieve the “American Dream” in the This era was. while babbling at imaginary characters in restaurant scene fr. the Broadway production of Death of a Salesman. These 4 Character Flaws Can Kill Your Career.

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Death Of A Salesman: Summary

Professor. Class. Date. Cinematic Storytelling: The Restaurant Scene in. Death of a Salesman. The restaurant scene in Death of a Salesman demonstrates a successful adaptation of Arthur Miller’s original stage play into film.

Death of a salesman restaurant scene essay
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