An introduction to the nature and various types of sharks

Bony Fish Plated Skin Fish Cartilaginous Fish The first group, the plated skin fish, did not survive for long and eventually became extinct after a few years.


The first sharks appeared in the oceans over million years ago. The Ancient Greek philosopher Anaxiamander B. The bull shark length up to 3. These include dynamite and cyanide fishing, fishing using electric shocks, pair-trawling, and the push nets that were once popular in the nursery areas.

Hard economics, ignorance and callous disregard for simple ecology are difficult challenges to overcome. Technically, any shark over about 1. The food moves from the mouth to a J-shaped stomach, where it is stored and initial digestion occurs. The importance of sight in shark hunting behavior is debated.

While at rest, most sharks pump water over their gills to ensure a constant supply of oxygenated water. It is internally twisted or coiled to increase the surface area, which increases nutrient absorption. Most important, humans kill many thousands of times more sharks than the other way round.

Sharks do not form a significant component in the trawl fishery, where only few species are taken occasionally with the main targeted species, and as such little assessment may be made.

Sharks are caught, most frequently using longlines the most significant cause of losses in shark populations worldwide. Catches from vessels which do not complete their fishing days at sea due to engine breakdown or other problems are not considered in the sampling because they do not correctly represent the actual resource situation.

Within the shark brain the cerebellum is largely responsible for movement; most sensory information is processed in the hindbrain, integrated in the tectum and coordinated in the forebrain; the olfactory lobes are the centres for the sense of smell and the diencephalon regulates hormones and certain behaviors.

A Complete List of the Different Types of Fish

Choice of vessels to be sampled is random, being done on the basis of their availability while the sampling is being conducted. In this application the shark-proof cage may be used as a refuge, or as a diving stage during descent and ascent, particularly during staged decompression where the divers may be vulnerable while constrained to a specific depth in mid-water for several minutes.

In some species, unborn pups will eat others and only the strongest one is born.

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You may be surprised to learn some of the largest species of sharks in the ocean are the nicest ones to encounter. The practice has increased over the past decade due to the increasing demand for fins for Chinese shark fin soup and traditional medicines. However, it remains a lightening rod for school boards, politicians, and television preachers.

Both sharks and dolphins have similar body forms, yet are only distantly related—sharks are fish and dolphins are mammals. The main objective is to provide the latest estimates on the demersal fish stocks, in terms of density or biomass, both in the coastal as well as in the offshore waters.

Some species like the mako are even warm-blooded. He tells of his own fascination with sharks and his appreciation for the book One of the most often visited sections in an elementary school library is that which holds the books on sharks. Homeostasis is the maintainence of a dynamic range of conditions within which the organism can function.

Great White Shark

Members of the family Lamnidae such as the shortfin mako shark and the great white shark are homeothermic and maintain a higher body temperature than the surrounding water. The establishment of Marine Parks and other protected areas helps to protect the marine ecosystem, nursery areas of a number of fish and the shark species found within them.

Hybodonts were named and are distinguished based on their conical tooth shape. Hypothesis is the most common, with the lowest level of certainty. The recorded evolution of fish dates back almost million years, when the first fish-like creatures made their appearance. They are, of course, big, powerful animals and deserve great respect.

After approval by the Parliament the regulations are officially gazetted and copies are sent to the relevant organisations. This also includes the Zone B vessels.

A Complete List of the Different Types of Fish

Shark anatomy has points of difference with the anatomy of bony and other types of fish.Introduction The global shark finning industry continues to threaten the stability and health of our ocean predators, sharks play an integral role in maintaining the balance of food chains and our ocean ecosystem.!

The International Union for Conservation of Nature cites that up to 73 million sharks are killed every mainly due to shark. This is simply an introduction to sharks and illustrates the threats to their survival and why they are vulnerable.

More detail and some discussion on individual species will come in future articles. Sharks have two basic types of muscle, red and white. A shark's red muscle is relatively slow-contracting and requires a rich supply of oxygen. A Complete List of the Different Types of Fish Fish are aquatic creatures found all over the world.

There are about 32, species of fish, making them the most. Introduction. Gray reef sharks over reef near Jarvis Island.

Types of Sharks

The International Union for Conservation of Nature is the world’s oldest global environmental organization. It evaluates threatened species, and treats threatened species not as a single category, but as a group of three categories, depending on the degree to which they are.

This includes separating fact from fiction, analyzing various types of media including peer reviewed scientific literature, and exploring experimental methods in both laboratory and field settings for studying sharks, rays, and other marine life.

Sharks are found in all seas and are common to depths of 2, metres (6, ft). They generally do not live in freshwater although there are a few known exceptions, such as the bull shark and the.

An introduction to the nature and various types of sharks
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